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Resolutions & Statements

2007: Human Rights and the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp

2006: Needs of Men and Women in the United States and Canadian Armed Forces

2005: Rights of Minority Voices in the Senate (Advocacy Guide)

2004: Judicial Nominations and Executive Branch Appointments (Advocacy Guide)

2001: Elections in the United States (Advocacy Guide)

1995: Media and Entertainment: Civic Responsibility 

1993: Citizenship and Civic Responsibility 

1989: Protecting the United States Constitution 

1987: The Bicentennial of the United States Constitution 

1986: The Bicentennial of the United States Constitution 

1986: Electoral Politics

1985: Women in the Chaplaincy

1985: Responsibility of the Media

1981: "We the People"

1975: Children and TV

1975: Bicentennial of the United States of America

1973: Watergate

1971: The Draft

1969: The Activism of Youth

1945: Humanitarian Use of Excess Military Supplies

1943: Education For Understanding Of War Effort

1941: Projects Of Service To The Nation

1938: Distinction Between Civil Liberties and Military Functions

1936: Nye-Kvale Bill

1927: Eliminate Compulsory Military Training

1927: Flag Association Endorsed

1925: Protest Against Militarism in Press and Film

Advocacy Alerts

2013: Peace Talks, Youth, and August Recess

2013: Recess Visits with Members of Congress

2013: Supreme Court, Immigration Reform, and Alberta Flood Victims

2013: Health Care for Military Women, Sports for Israeli Girls

2013: Emergency Contraception, Equal Pay Day, and Consultation on Conscience

2013: VAWA, Fair Pay, and Women in Combat

2013: Violence Against Women Act, NDAA, Roe v. Wade Anniversary

2012: Reform Movement Speaks Out About Israel, Abortion Access for Military Women, Fiscal Cliff

2012: Medicaid Expansion, Judicial Nominations, WRJ in the News

2012: Support Israel from Home, Montreal's First Jewish Mayor, Native American Women

2012: Post-Election Webinar, Coalition Against Religious Discrimination, Protecting Contraception Access

2012: Post-Election Webinar and Hurricane Sandy Relief

2012: Sh'ma Smackdown, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Get Out The Vote

2012: Sukkot, Paycheck Fairness, and Supporting Our Servicewomen

2012: Family Planning, Reproductive Rights for Servicewomen, VAWA

2012: WRJ at the White House, Gun Catastrophies, Boy Scouts Decision, Judicial Vacancies

2012: Supreme Court Critical Rulings, VAWA, One Minute Campaign in Memory of Murdered Israeli Athletes

2012: Get Out The Vote

2011: Women's Health Advocacy, IRAC Food Drive for the Spring Holidays, Pesach Resources for Jews in the Military

2011: The Paycheck Fairness Act, Federal Budget

2011: Jewish Delegation Meets with President Obama, UN Secretary General Speaks at Holocaust Museum