Gender-Based Violence

WRJ monitors and addresses domestic violence, date rape and campus violence, spousal and child abuse, trafficking, and the use of firearms when committing acts of domestic violence.

Last April, during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, WRJ launched its new campaign called WRJ Says STOP - an Initiative to stop sexual assault and harassment everywhere. More details are below.  

In addition, WRJ marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month every October and raises awareness about the pervasive nature of domestic violence and intimate partner violence, provides resources to those currently experiencing abuse, and discusses the moral imperative to work to eradicate domestic violence. 

Is It Okay to Hug You

WRJ Says STOP: An initiative against Sexual Harassment and Assault


Do you belong to a “Hug and Kiss” congregation? In our communities, we greet each other with big hugs, often accompanied by a kiss. This behavior is part of our culture. These actions are fine if the two people are in consensual agreement. But, what happens when community cultural behaviors cross the line?

Breaking Up With Rape Culture

teal ribbon for sexual assault awareness month


If you would have told 18-year-old Kate that she would one day openly talk about the most painful, and for a long time, “shameful” experience of her life to hundreds and hundreds of people, her jaw would still be on the floor. I am a survivor of sexual assault (yes, survivor, not victim).

Phew. No matter how many times I vocalize those four words, I still feel a ping in my stomach. Although the culture has progressed with the rise of #MeToo, there are still many barriers to discussing sexual violence and the patricentric societal factors that allow it to thrive in secrecy. 

WRJ Says Stop: An Initiative to Stop Sexual Assault and Harassment

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and WRJ has launched a new initiative called WRJ Says STOP to provide a venue for us to address matters of sexual and gender-based violence and learn how to be informed advocates in this arena. We will provide opportunities for Education, Advocacy, and Action.

Save the date for the first of four webinars on this topic taking place on September 20th. You can also share post one of these graphics to help raise awareness on your social media, sharing why you wear teal (the color designated to show support for survivors of domestic and sexual violence). Stay tuned for more details!

WRJ Says STOP: An initiative against Sexual Harassment and Assault

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