Reform Judaism has a longstanding commitment to the development of effective intergroup and interreligious relationships. Since its establishment, WRJ has actively developed and participated in interreligious and intergroup activities that helped women promote understanding, develop mutual respect and effectively work together to accomplish mutual goals. Whether joining with other religious women in the peace movement in the 30’s and 40’s, deepening relations with Catholic women following the Second Vatican Council in the 60’s, partnering with women’s groups in African American churches on issues of communal concern in the 80’s, or seeking opportunities for dialogue with the Muslim community after September 11, our women have often led the way in building bridges across lines of faith, race, and ethnicity.

Resolutions & Statements

1993: Ethnic Conflict and Violence

1985: Intergroup Relations: Increased Effectiveness in Pursuit of Social Justice

1984: Interreligious Dialogue

1983: Jewish Identity, Education, and Committment 

1967: Interreligious Dialogue

Advocacy Alerts

2010: Support the New START Treaty, Restore Emergency Unemployment Insurance, ARZA Statement: Rachel's Tomb and the Western Wall

2010: CEDAW Hearing, Canadian Prime Minister Speaks Out Against Anti-Semitism, Outreach Question

2010: Nashville Flood Relief, Muslim-Jewish Interreligious Dialogue, Radio Canada Interview with Dr. Abuelaish