Jewish Life & Religious Observance

Since its inception, WRJ has sought ways to strengthen Jewish practice, Jewish family life, and the Reform Movement and institutions. Whether our women were supporting students at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR), helping raise funds for NFTY–The Reform Jewish Youth Movement, thinking about new and innovative ways to celebrate Jewish holidays, or fostering the next generation of dedicated young Jews, WRJ has always been, and remains, committed to synagogue life and the future of the Reform Movement.

Resolutions & Statements

1997: Jewish Unity and Solidarity 

1993: Religious Celebration

1993: Family

1991: The Rights of Gay Men and Lesbian Women

1991: Equality for Women in the Rabbinate 

1987: The Jewish Family 

1987: Negative Stereotyping

1987: Israel and the Progressive Movement 

1983: The Jewish Family

1983: Jewish Identity, Education, and Committment 

1979: Women's Rights

1979: Commitment to Jewish Values

1979: North American Federation of Temple Youth

1977: Women's Rights

1977: Learning for Jewish Living

1975: Credo of Peoplehood and Jewish Responsibility

1975: Status of Women 

1965: Judaism and the Family

1965: Judaism and the Arts

1965: Intra-Faith

1955: Spiritual Rededication

1949: The Sabbath

1948: Sabbath Observance

1946: National Federation of Temple Youth

1943: National Family Week

1935: National Anti-Tuberculosis Society

1933: Cooperation with Braille Institute

1925: On Jewish House Mothers in Jewish Fraternities

1929: Peace Prayer

1929: Director of Young Folk's Activities

1925: Committee On Conference

1924: Regarding Observance of Chanukah By Jews

1923: Census Of Jews In Rural Districts

1923: Synagogue Opening

1923: Home Observance Of Ceremonies

1921: Recommendation on Children's Services

1919: Attendance At Religious Services

1919: A Book Of Biblical Selections And Prayers

1915: Celebration Of Passover And Sabbath Eve

Advocacy Alerts

2015: Want to Make a Difference in Israel? ARZA in the WZO Elections

2013: Sequestration, Immigration, and NFTY Convention

2012: Social Action Project Ideas (for Schools, Shelters, Senior Care, and More!), Eradicate Obstetric Fistula Worldwide

2012: Take Action on Equality for Reform Rabbis in Israel, Experience the WRJ Blog

2012: VAWA Reauthorization, Or Ami Awards Continued (Women's Health Education, Charity Drive, Child Safety, Habitat for Humanity)

2012: Invitation to Write for WRJ Centennial Covenant Book

2012: Or Ami Awardees Continued (Jewish Women's History, WRJ-Israel Twinning Retreat), Disaster Relief

2012: Or Ami Awardees Continued (Birthing Kits, LGBTQ Bullying, Intergenerational Tea Party), Reminder: Help End Childhood Hunger

2012: Important Notice: Hold the Date for Israel, Or Ami Award Winning Projects (Youth Holocaust Education, Bag Recycling)

2012: Featuring the 2011 WRJ Or Ami "Light of My People" Award (Cooking, Mental Health Conference)

2012: Sukkot, Paycheck Fairness, and Supporting Our Servicewomen

2012: High Holy Days Social Justice Guide, Environmental Standards for Drilling, IRAC Petition

2012: Anat Hoffman's Tenth Anniversary at the IRAC, It's a Woman of the Wall Passover

2012: Or Ami Awardees Continued, Reminder: Help End Childhood Hunger

2012: Important Notice: Hold the Date for Israel, Or Ami Award Winning Projects

2011: WRJ 48th Assembly Proposed Resolutions Packet (November)

2011: 9/11 Tenth Anniversary, Four Hundred Thousand Israelis Marching for Social Justice

2011: WRJ 48th Assembly Proposed Resolutions Packet (September)

2011: Religious Action Center Hosts Social Action Skills Training Events

2011: Paycheck Fairness Act, Sacred Conversations, A Student Rabbi's Experience in Joplin, MO After the Disaster

2011: Yom HaShoah

2011: Passover: A Time of Warmth and Social Justice

2011: International Women's Day, RAC Website

2011: Jewish Delegation Meets with President Obama, UN Secretary General Speaks at Holocaust Museum

2011: Reminder: Submit Or Ami Application by April 22

2011: Plan a Program on Jewish Food: An Entree to Judaism and the World of the Diaspora

2011: A Painful Week of Loss

2011: In Memory of Debbie Friedman

2011: Jewish Population Growth and URJ Campaign for Teen Engagement

2011: Or Ami Application and Information

2011: Yom HaShoah

2011: Passover: A Time of Warmth and Social Justice

2011: Women's Health Advocacy, IRAC Food Drive for the Spring Holidays, Pesach Resources for Jews in the Military

2011: Jewish Population Growth and URJ Campaign for Teen Engagement

2010: New Readings on Jonah

2010: Celebrate 50 Years of Social Justice with the RAC

2010: CEDAW Hearing, Canadian Prime Minister Speaks Out Against Anti-Semitism, Outreach Question

2010: Speak Up for the DREAM Act, Celebrating 50 Years of Social Justice

2010: Become Informed: Reform Jewish Movement Welcomes Approval of Cordoba House

2010: High Holiday Campaign for Gilad Shalit

2010: Participate in the Successful WRJ/Lilith Salon Program

2010: We're Almost There - Health Care Reform, World Zionist Congress

2010: New Breast Self-Exam Shower Cards Available, Program Suggestions for Sisterhoods