Resolutions & Statements: 1980 - 1989


East-West Relations

International Literacy Year


North American Federation of Temple Youth

Protecting the United States Constitution

Reproductive Rights

Substance Abuse - Health Hazard

Women at the Wall


Bicentennial of the Constitution

Civil Rights Restoration Act

Ethics in Science and Technology

Israel and the Progressive Movement

Negative Stereotyping

Social and Economic Justice

The Jewish Family

UN War Crimes Commission and its Archives

United Nations Issues and Sisterhood Actions


Bicentennial of the Constitution

Electoral Politics


40th Anniversary of the United Nations

AIDS (A Most Important Resolution of Our First 100 Years)


Civil Rights Restoration Act

Economic Justice

Genocide Convention

Immigration Reform, Refugees, and Sanctuary

Intergroup Relations

Responsibility of the Media

Women in the Chaplaincy


Drought and Famine in Ethiopia - Ethiopian Jews

Interreligious Dialogue


Alcoholism and Drunk Driving

Central America and the Caribbean

Children and the Family

Crime and the Criminal Justice System

Equality for Women

International Decade for Women - International Year of Youth

Israel and the Middle East

Jewish Identity, Education, and Commitment

Peace Keeping in Lebanon

Plight of the Elderly in Today's Society

Protecting the Environment

The Nuclear Threat and Arms Race


Nuclear Disarmament

The Jewish Family


Declaration on the Elimination of Discrimination

Economic Justice and Social Welfare

Extremist Movements

Israel and the Family of Nations

Missing Children

Peace and Disarmament

Pluralism in Israel and the Law of Return

Public Education and Separation of Church and State

We the People

Women's Rights