Shari Carruthers

Shari Carruthers
Women of Reform Judaism

Shari Carruthers lives in Millbrae, California, and belongs to Peninsula Temple Sholom in Burlingame, CA. She is a member of the WRJ North American Board and an Area Vice President for WRJ Pacific District. She is a past president of her sisterhood, Sholom Women. She has been married to her amazing husband, John, and they have two children, Rachel and Matt. 

We Are, We Are, We Are, WRJ

Shari Carruthers
Lillian Burkenheim Silver
December 2, 2022
In October 2022, 88 of us traveled from across North America to Atlanta to join other sisters on the WRJ Civil Rights Journey. Armed with articles, movies, books, and memories about the fight for racial equality in the 1950s and 1960s, we visited historical landmarks in Atlanta, Montgomery, Selma, and Birmingham. We found what we knew intellectually was no match for walking in the footsteps of those who were there and have continued to advocate and advance racial equality. As we kick off WRJ’s end-of-year campaign, we reflect on the impact of this trip and the work still to be done.

Peer-to-peer fundraising: Going Beyond the Usual Suspects

Shari Carruthers
Dana Spiel
November 11, 2022
P2P is a well-studied concept. We know it works! Studies show that the funds raised from P2P are usually double that of traditional fundraising. The easier you make it for people to fundraise, the more they’ll do it. Sometimes people just need a reason to say yes. We encourage you to share your areas of interest so we can support you in this endeavor. We hope this article can help you to brainstorm expanding fundraising efforts, whether on behalf of your women’s group or individual accomplishments.

Parashat Ki Tavo

Shari Carruthers
September 16, 2022
As I enter the High Holy Days, it is a time each year for self-reflection. What are the good deeds I’ve done this year? Have I been a good person to those around me? What lessons have I learned from my mistakes? Whom have I hurt with my words or actions?  Have I kept my personal commitments as a Jew to my friends, family, and community? Have I lived “Jewishly” according to God’s commandments?

Parashah Vayeira

Shari Carruthers
October 21, 2021
This D’var Torah focuses on legacy and inheritance. Women’s roles are in procreation and supporting their husbands and family. We weren’t part of inheritance decision making. Having a male child was essential in passing on the family’s assets consisting of land, animals, and any other valuables to the next generation. G*d appeared to Abraham through three emissaries saying “Rest assured that I will return to you in this time next year, and your wife, Sarah shall have a son.” Sarah and Abraham are old and this feels like a joke at first for Sarah considering her age. At this point, Abraham has a son, Ishmael, by the slave girl, Hagar. From this reading, it’s important to G*d for Abraham’s descendants to be by Sarah as well. It’s not until later in the Torah that daughters are even considered to receive an inheritance from their fathers.

A Lifeline Honoring a Lifetime of Jewish Values

Shari Carruthers
May 7, 2021

This Mother’s Day will be even more significant to me this year. My mother, Maxine Rogo, was the parent who impacted my Jewish journey to WRJ. She drove me to religious school and insisted I study for my Bat Mitzvah. She dragged me to the temple kitchen to...