Lori Motis: A WRJ Leadership Spotlight

November 18, 2022Lori Motis

This week, we feature Atlantic District President Lori Motis in WRJ's Leadership Spotlight. Here are Lori's thoughts on being a WRJ leader:


How did you first become involved with WRJ? What was your journey to becoming a WRJ District President?

I first became involved with WRJ when our sisterhood hosted a District Convention. It was exciting to feel the energy from the group and to boost my skills in the workshops. When I became sisterhood president, I participated as part of the District Board. Attending the phone meetings (pre-Zoom!) expanded my view of sisterhood. I could see that everyone has the same issues and struggles and that sharing them with each other is a great resource. My next step was volunteering as Youth and Camp Chair. Meeting WRJ Past President Rosanne Selfon at the Camp Harlam meetings inspired me to think about stepping into a larger role with the District.


What positive things have happened as part of your leadership experience?

I have become much more comfortable with public speaking. This skill does not come naturally to me, so my experience has led me to grow as a leader.

What do you love most about WRJ?

Women of all ages and stages of life can come together and have meaningful conversations around our shared values. We help and support each other in our journeys as Reform Jewish women and as leaders.

What do you wish others knew about WRJ that they might not know already?

Supporting our local congregations and communities is what makes sisterhood membership so rewarding. WRJ expands on this by connecting us to other sisterhoods and communities in this amazing network. Our impact on the world is magnified by our involvement in this organization. For example, the grants given through the YES Fund help people all over the world.

What advice do you have for future WRJ leaders? 

The world is changing so fast! Technology has expanded our connections with each other through Zoom meetings and social media posts. We need to think outside of the box to reach people with our message.

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