WRJ Microgrants: Applications NOW OPEN!

September 29, 2023Sherri Feuer

Is your WRJ-affiliated women’s group planning an outstanding engagement, social justice, or advocacy project or program that could serve as a model for other women’s groups?  If so, take note—you may be able to qualify for a microgrant to help you defray the cost of that project or program.  And, if you don’t have anything on your calendar yet, let this be your call to action! WRJ can help you make that program or project a reality.

Starting September 27, 2023, your WRJ-affiliated women’s group is eligible to apply for a microgrant between $500-$2,500, for ANY program or project that relates to engagement, or social justice/advocacy. Why is WRJ offering these grant opportunities? WRJ wants to promote new programming ideas to help all of our women’s groups.  To facilitate that goal, WRJ is investing in your women’s group and, at the same time, honoring several of WRJ’s important pillars from the WRJ mission statement.  Through these grant opportunities, WRJ is working to create caring communities, promote sisterhoods, and pursue social justice.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Through two separate grant opportunities, you can receive funding for your creative program or project.

  1. First, supported by funds available through the Rabbi Marla J. Feldman Social Justice Fund, there are opportunities for projects or programs in the pursuit of social justice or advocacy, including any work related to WRJ resolutions or high-priority issues.  These social justice grants would not be possible without the generous support of WRJ President, Sara Charney, and her husband Rick Charney, and WRJ Board Member Deborah Lelchuk and her husband, Dan Lelchuk.  Their dedication to social justice is profound, rooted in Jewish values, and creating a compassionate world for all. We thank them for making this initiative possible. 
  2. Additionally, through the WRJ Engagement Fund, your WRJ-affiliated women’s group is eligible to receive a grant for any program or project that promotes engagement in the areas of sisterhood, community building, spirituality, or personal enrichment and growth.  The engagement grants are made possible by the support of Joanne Fried who created our Engagement Fund. We thank Joanne and appreciate everything she has done to help WRJ expand our programming and support our sisterhoods and districts.

Your program does not have to meet both the above criteria to apply. Either engagement and/or social justice activities qualify for a grant. 

You simply need to complete an online application, which describes your project or program.  Please make sure to read and review the Microgrant Guidelines on our WRJ website.

As you sit down to plan your calendar, think about what you would like to do that you may not have the current funding to support.  Put a plan together and submit your grant application by March 15, 2024.   You have plenty of time to plan, apply for a grant, promote, and implement a successful program.

We want you to offer great programming. We want you to succeed.  We’re excited to support your WRJ-affiliated women’s groups with grants for innovative and creative engagement, social justice, or advocacy projects/programs. Get going! And good luck!


If you have any questions, please contact WRJ Director of Engagement, Heather Lorgeree at hlorgeree@wrj.org