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Every Voice, Every Vote

The Reform Jewish Movement’s 2022 Every Voice, Every Vote Campaign is a nonpartisan effort, grounded in our Jewish values and commitment to racial justice, to strengthen our democracy by encouraging and protecting voter participation.


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Tell your senators to support the Equality Act (S.393). It will prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Support the Equality Act.

Your state legislature has the power to protect abortion access through legislation, ballot initiatives, and more.

Urge your governor and state legislators to protect and expand abortion rights.


Urge your senators to co-sponsor the Paycheck Fairness Act (HR.7/S.205) and end the gender pay gap once and for all. The Religious Actions Center of Reform Judaism (the RAC) has created a form that makes it easy to contact your senators. 

Send a message now.

This bill (HR.1065/S.1486) requires employers to provide reasonable temporary accommodations to pregnant workers so that they can remain in the workforce throughout their pregnancies. 

Urge your senators to pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

More Abortion Resources

The Facts About Abortion

FACT: Life begins at birth. FACT: Until birth, the fetus is part of the mother. FACT: The life and well-being of the mother will always take precedence over the fetus until the point at which the fetus's head fully emerges from the womb, and it becomes a living baby. These are the facts as I believe them to be, based on my faith, tradition, and understanding of Jewish law. While I understand that some people may hold different religious views, they are not binding on me. Until now.


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Support Refugee Resettlement

During the Passover seder, we read about the importance of internalizing the lessons of the Exodus and reflecting this awareness in our actions.

Ask Congress to ensure that the U.S. remains committed to refugee resettlement.

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Support Afghan Asylees

Resettling Afghan evacuees has come with complications due to affordable housing shortages and medical issues. In addition, the new arrivals are not eligible for federal assistance like food stamps or other traditional refugee services until Congress takes action to treat them as refugees arriving in the U.S.

Ask Congress to pass an Afghan Adjustment Act.