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WRJ offers high-quality programming and resources, invaluable leadership education, opportunities to advocate for the rights of others, and so much more. By affiliating with WRJ, your voice combined with other like-minded women worldwide will show that the power of women organizing to make a difference is limitless. It proves that we are truly “stronger together.”

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For more information about WRJ affiliation, individual membership, or to arrange an in-person or virtual visit with a representative, please contact WRJ Director of Engagement Heather Lorgeree or call 212.650.4063.

The Power of WRJ

Listen to members and leaders talk about how WRJ has empowered them as leaders in their communities and around the world. Join us!

The Power of WRJ

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Who Can Join WRJ?

WRJ welcomes sisterhoods, women's groups, and individuals worldwide to affiliate with our organization and enjoy its many benefits.

Membership Benefits

WRJ is committed to providing resources for leadership education, fundraising, programming, and more to affiliated sisterhoods, women's groups, and individual members to enhance their activities and ensure they will thrive.

How to Join

Welcome to WRJ! We are excited that you are joining our community and helping to raise the voices of women in the Reform Movement. You are going to love it! If you have any questions, please contact WRJ Director of Engagement Heather Lorgeree or 212.650.4063.