Who Can Join WRJ?

WRJ welcomes sisterhoods/women's groups and individuals from North America, Israel, and worldwide to affiliate with our organization and enjoy its many benefits. 

For more than 100 years, women have been joining sisterhood as a way to enhance their congregations, support the religious school, and build community. In return, sisterhoods and women's groups have affiliated with WRJ to support the Reform Movement. In 2015, our board leadership voted to allow women to join as individual members of WRJ. 

Large Group of Women

Ready to Join WRJ?

For more information about WRJ affiliation, individual membership, or to arrange an in-person or virtual visit with a representative, please contact WRJ Manager of Engagement Heather Lorgeree or call 212.650.4063.

Sharing Our Stories

My Jewish Feminist Journey

I was born in 1961 with the last name Schwartz-- an indication to most, despite red hair and freckles, that I am Jewish. I grew up in a stereotypical, traditionally gendered, 1960s non-Jewish, white, middle-class neighborhood in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.

Sacred Moments and Cherished Memories

As we approach Mother's Day, and perhaps reconnect in person for the first time in a year, we are reminded of the importance of generations coming together. And while we recognize it can be a day of reflection, memories, and joy, we know it can bring complex feelings, too.