Area Directors

Northeast District

Do you know who your area director is . . .
. . . and what she does?

Area directors are your connection
to the Northeast District and to WRJ.

Your area director – or "AD" – is your direct link to the Northeast District. Each sisterhood and women's group is assigned an area director who calls your sisterhood president several times a year to "check-in" with her. The area director will report on Northeast District and/or WRJ happenings, but most importantly, she is there to hear what's going on in your group. If you have a special concern, she can help or guide you to someone who can help.

Area Directors 2018-2020
Area Directors, WRJ Northeast District, 2018-2020
  • When your area director contacts you (the sisterhood or women’s group leader) be sure to answer her phone call and/or reply to her email.
  • If you are a new sisterhood president or women's group leader, you are not alone! Your area director is there for you, to answer questions and provide support.
  • Communication is two-way; your area director will have information for you about the Northeast District and WRJ, but she also wants to hear what is happening in your sisterhood or women's group.

Area Director Call Schedule

Call Period Reports due to VPs
August 8-19, 2022 August 26, 2022
December 5-15, 2022 December 29, 2022

Area Director Stories

Area Director - The Sisterhood President’s Therapist

"Area Directors are the connection between your sisterhood or women's group and the District and WRJ… and your personal WRJ therapist!" This might sound far-fetched, but that is the role all Area Directors (AD) can have with their sisterhood presidents.


When I was president of my sisterhood, I did not realize how helpful area directors could be to sisterhood leaders. I mistakenly assumed that the only connection between a sisterhood leader and her area director would be an email and/or phone call three times a year from the area director. In these contacts, the area director would pepper the sisterhood leader with questions about what the sisterhood was doing. Then the area director would list the kvetches and kvells in a written report that would be sent to district vice presidents and the district president.

I unabashedly admit that my assumptions were wrong – that is, except for the three contacts a year from the area director. ☺

Three times a year, your area director will bring you up-to-date on what is happening in the Northeast District, how to obtain a speaker for your sisterhood, etc., but she can do so much more. Let your area director know what information you would like more (or less) of. Ask her how you can get in contact with other sisterhood leaders to share issues and potential solutions. Tell her what you need and want. Your area director is there to assist you. All you need to do is let her know what your sisterhood needs are.

We and our sisterhoods are all works in progress that benefit from sharing and being candid with one another.


Before I began attending programs outside of my sisterhood, I had no idea what an area director was. But at a district get-together in San Diego, I learned that an area director is your friend, your contact, your connection to the Northeast District board, and more. As I became more involved in sisterhood, I learned how helpful our area director could be. She stayed in touch with us, offered help, and, in several instances, attended our programs.

This year I took the leap to become more involved in our district by becoming an area director myself. It seemed perfect. I enjoy communicating with people, sharing ideas, and problem-solving. Also, my sisterhood had gone a long way to rebuilding itself, and I thought maybe I could help others.

IT HAS BEEN WONDERFUL! I have learned so much, working with our district officers and board. I am in contact several times a year with my group of sisterhoods – finding out what they are doing, sharing ideas, talking through situations, and generally being there for them. I have met – by phone and in-person – dedicated women who want to make their sisterhoods a success. I have shared ideas with them, perhaps helped them see some problems with new eyes, and reminded them about Northeast District and WRJ resources.

I have so enjoyed this year! In the coming year, I hope to visit each of my groups and continue my outreach to them as we travel together down the amazing road of WRJ.