Frequently Asked Questions


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Where is the Southwest District?

The Southwest District is 47 sisterhoods in Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas (but not El Paso), Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Western Tennessee.

How do you become part of the Southwest District?

By affiliating with WRJ either as a women's group or an individual member, you become part of a district. If you fall within the boundaries of the Southwest District, you would automatically become part of our district. To find out more about affiliation, email or call New Affiliates Chair Nicole Villalpando, 512-627-9608,

What does the Southwest District do for our sisterhood?

The district connects your sisterhood with an area director, who will help you strengthen and grow your sisterhood by regular support through phone calls and visits to your sisterhood when requested to do a leadership development, installations, programs, or anything else as requested. The district connects you to other sisterhoods in our district through area events, women's retreats at our URJ-affiliated camps, and biennial conventions.

What events does WRJ Southwest District have regularly?

Every 2 years, we have a Women's Retreat for any woman. We alternate between Greene Family Camp in Bruceville, Texas, and Camp Jacobs in Utica, Mississippi. In fall of even numbered years, we have a biennial convention full of leadership training, education and friendship. We also have a big group at the Fried Leadership conference or Social Justice Conference each spring. Area directors also work with sisterhoods to create area days to bring together nearby sisterhoods.

We're having trouble paying our dues. Can we still be a member?

Yes, the WRJ has a dues abatement process. Contact Heather Lorgeree in the WRJ office to start that process. The district has a fund started by Gates of Prayer Sisterhood in Metarie, La., a few years ago called Supporting Our Sisterhoods. This fund can help pay dues for sisterhoods that are struggling.

How do we pay our dues?

Send dues to Financial Secretary Waynette Besser, 7000 Westminister Lane, Germantown, TN 38138

Have additional questions? Email them to Cheryl Barenberg,