Southwest District Day

Together Wherever YOU Are!

SW District Day | November 6, 2021

As our Sacred Communities begin to return to in-person events, I would love to say that we will all be together in person as a district, but we are just not quite ready yet. I do, however, want to let y’all know about our first-ever District Day, “Together Wherever YOU Are!” to be held on November 6th, 2021. 
We are looking forward to seeing everyone as we gather “Together Wherever YOU Are!”  Please know we are hard at work creating an amazing day for everyone, including:

  • Services (morning and Havdalah) led by the one and only Tory May,
  • A social justice program with action items for your Sisterhood/Women’s Group,
  • A mental health program and
  • A super fun afternoon activity, complete with prizes!!!!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Southwest District Event without an amazing “fun”draiser for our beloved YES Fund. We have booked True Colors from The Braid
More details will be included in future Schmoozes and on our June 21st President’s Call. (Wait - are you President of your Sisterhood/Women’s Group? Do we have your updated contact information? Please email me at so I can make sure you are on our list!) 
Registration for “Together Wherever YOU Are!” will be free to Sisterhood/Women’s Groups members, so please be sure to mark your calendars now! Wondering if you will be able to get a thin sweatshirt or t-shirt to wear on November 6th and beyond? Wonder no more – of course, we are working on a new design that will also serve as a “fun”draiser for our district. 

But let’s not wait until November to be with our Southwest Sisters … join us on June 5th for a Havdalah Candle Making and Service and save July 28th at 7 pm CT for a virtual book talk about Anxious People by Fredrik Backman.


Phyllis Strasberg
WRJ Southwest District First VP