Your sisterhood is entitled to a speaker!

How does it work?

Each sisterhood and women's group in the Southwest is entitled to a District Speaker once every two years.

Most sisterhoods request a speaker for their own sisterhood, alone, but you may instead request a speaker for a joint event with one or more other affiliated sisterhoods in your city or local area.

(Note: In alternate years, the sisterhood is entitled to a WRJ Speaker. Visit the WRJ Speakers Bureau webpage for more information.)

What expenses does the sisterhood incur?

Sisterhoods and women’s groups are entitled to a speaker from the Southwest District once every two years without expense.

The Southwest District Speakers Bureau Chair may arrange for additional speakers within the two-year period at the local sisterhood’s or women’s group’s expense.

What will the District Speaker talk about?

The District Speaker may talk about any subject pertaining to sisterhood activities, leadership training, or problem solving as needed. District Speakers may be engaged, for instance, for the opening meeting of the season, a general sisterhood meeting, an installation service, a special interest meeting, a donor meeting, a sisterhood service, a board meeting, board training, or a paid-up luncheon or dinner. To discuss these or other ideas, contact the Southwest Speakers Bureau Chair by email.

How is a District Speaker requested?

Requests for a District Speaker should be sent in at least eight weeks in advance. Requests should be sent in by email.