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WRJ is pleased to offer many ways to study Torah, including our weekly D'var Torah entitled, Voices of WRJ on our blog. 

WRJ has always advocated for equal rights for women in Jewish learning and worship, bringing a unique, feminist perspective to Reform Jewish study and providing resources from which to learn and pray.

The Sages taught that the study of Torah is equal to all the other mitzvot combined. One of the basic tenets of Judaism, Torah study is particularly significant to WRJ. 

WRJ is pleased to offer many ways to study Torah, including our weekly D'var Torah entitled, Voices of WRJ on our blog

Voices of WRJ - Torah Commentary on the WRJ Blog

Parashat Naso

My favorite prayer from the liturgy has always been the one beginning, "Grant us peace, Your most precious gift, and give us the will to proclaim its message to all the peoples of the earth." I remember it from my childhood, especially the evening services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur – although, of course, then it was the more formal Union Prayer Book II version beginning, "Grant us peace, Thy most precious gift, O Thou eternal source of peace, and enable Israel to be a messenger of peace unto the peoples of the earth."

Parashat B'midbar

Parashat B’midbar is the first Torah portion in the book of “Numbers” and is referred to as “Numbers”, based on the census that takes place among the Israelites. However, the word literally means “In the desert” (or wilderness). In the end, we see how both of those translations are important and very telling about where the Israelites were at this point in their existence.

Parashah B’chukotai

Though ‘curses and blessings’ are presented in this parashah, our bigger takeaway is that it is up to us to make good choices and take action. I am proud that Women of Reform Judaism has always done the right thing and more than 100 years of our resolutions continue to address the needs of the hungry, the poor, our environment, along with the rights of all peoples and so many relevant and important issues. The smiles we have on our faces and in our hearts come from the joy we share with others.

Torah Study & Guides

Covenant Book Series

As Jewish women, we rely on books for advice, enjoyment, and fulfillment. Some of our most popular publications - the WRJ Covenant Series - features original, inspirational prayers and readings written by sisterhood women, students, and clergy.

The Torah: A Women's Commentary

Check out this WRJ commissioned the work of the world's leading Jewish female Bible scholars, rabbis, cantors, theologians, and others which resulted in the first comprehensive Torah commentary to be authored only by women. Torah Commentaries can also be found here.

Traveling Torah

Completed in 2001, the Torat Nashim is the WRJ Torah that travels to sisterhoods, congregations, WRJ Districts, URJ summer camps, and other Reform Movement organizations for conventions and special occasions.

Divrei Torah

In 2013, in honor of WRJ’s Centennial, we published 12 Divrei Torah for use by WRJ sisterhoods at meetings and other events.

This Week's Torah Portion

This Week's Torah Portion

And [Jacob] Left

And Jacob left Beersheba and set out for Haran. - Genesis 28:10


Genesis 28:10−32:3


Hosea 12:13-14:10


/ 9 Kislev 5783