Israel (A Most Important Resolution of Our First 100 Years)

The XXVIIth Biennial Assembly of the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods reaffirms our profound sense of solidarity with our fellow Jews in the State of Israel and others within her borders who support her. We firmly pledge our unfailing continued efforts to assist in the achievement of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.

We believe that such a peace depends on the acceptance by her neighbors and all other states of Israel’s essential right to exist, free of harassment from whatever source, including anti-Israel propaganda or acts of terrorism. We regret to note that only in the Middle East has the world seen a continued refusal by some member states of the United Nations to recognize the right of another state to live in peace and security. This intolerable condition should not be allowed to endure.

Therefore, in Biennial Assembly convened in Miami Beach, Florida, in October, 1969, the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods:

  1. Urges the United Nations and all powers, whether large or small, to exert their influence to persuade the Arab nations to accept Israel’s repeated offers to sit face to face with them to negotiate a fair and permanent peace to the end that the nations of the area may work together in mutual cooperation for a better life for all the peoples of the region.
  2. Asks all nations of good will to appeal to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to use its influence in the Middle East to see that the Arab nations completely fulfill their commitments under the cease-fire agreements which terminated hostilities of the war of 1967; the use of violence and terror abrogate the solemn international commitments to which the Arab nations, as well as Israel, should adhere.
  3. Pledges to continue to alert the American and other peoples to the grave dangers to peace, as well as to the interests of many in the Middle East, which would flow from a repetition of the disaster of 1957 when Israel was compelled by big power pressures to withdraw without effective safeguards and guarantees of a genuine peaceful settlement.
  4. Renews our commitment to Sisterhood, congregational, communal and personal financial support for the overriding needs of Israel, among which is the need to develop further institutions of Progressive Judaism. Immediate and special effort shall be made by Sisterhoods and their members to provide the financial means for NFTS to build a small synagogue—a House of Prayer, a House of Study, a House of Assembly at Ben-Shemen Children’s Village, Lod, Israel.
  5. Commits NFTS members to recognize the urgent need for action to obtain the release of two innocent citizens of Israel who were passengers on a commercial airliner attacked by Arab terrorists in the Damascus airport and are now being held as prisoners in Syria; proposes an immediate deluge of telegrams to the White House, Washington, D.C., and to the appropriate members of the Congress and other governmental as well as non-governmental officials urging the immediate release of the detainees. Similar action is to be taken if atrocities of like nature occur elsewhere.

Be It Further Resolved that each District Federation and member group of the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods shall establish an active and effective Israel Committee whose primary purposes shall be:

  1. The encouragement and advancement of the cause of Progressive Judaism in Israel in cooperation with the World Union for Progressive Judaism.
  2. The education of Sisterhood members and the members of the community at large on issues, both general and specific, affecting Israel.
  3. The promotion of tours, visits and extended learning experiences in Israel for the members of Sisterhoods and their families in cooperation whenever possible with NFTS’ expanding programs on behalf of Israel.
  4. The translation of the unique Jewish values and creative spirit of Israel into the spiritual, educational and cultural programs of Sisterhood.

In Biennial Assembly convened, the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods wholeheartedly records:

Israel sends forth strength and light to all our people 
In every land,
And we say with pride and grateful joy,
Israel lives! Am Yisrael Chai.