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Who We Are

WRJ strengthens the voice of women and empowers them to create caring communities, cultivate personal and spiritual growth, and promote Reform Jewish values to ensure a vibrant future.

Affiliation with WRJ allows the women in your sisterhood to be a part of the community of tens of thousands of like-minded women, who advocate with one voice through WRJ and prove that we, as women of Reform Judaism, truly are stronger together.

WRJ Resources

WRJ offers a wide variety of resources for your Jewish study, gift, life cycle events, and Judaica needs. Whether you are looking for Uniongrams, note cards, calendars, books, ways to honor leaders in your sisterhood or congregation, or more, WRJ has got you covered!

Support WRJ

Your support for WRJ, through a combination of donations, fundraisers, planned giving, and Youth, Education, and Special Projects (YES) Fund product sales, ensures WRJ's ongoing ability to strengthen the Reform Movement and continue making an impact.

Find a Sisterhood

This directory contains the name, location and phone number of sisterhoods associated with Women of Reform Judaism, and a link to the sisterhood's Web site.


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