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Resolutions & Statements

2007: Israel's 60th Anniversary and ARZA's 30th Anniversary (Advocacy Guide)

2000: Concern Regarding the Trial of Thirteen Iranian Jews 

1997: Jewish Unity and Solidarity 

1997: Continuing Tragedies of the Shoah 

1995: Canada and the Quebec Referendum

1991: Aspects of World Jewry: Celebration and Concern 

1989: East-West Relations

1987: United Nations Issues and Sisterhood Actions 

1987: The United Nations War Crimes Commission and its Archives

1984: Drought and Famine in Ethiopia/Ethiopian Jews

1979: Troubled Jewish Communities

1979: Soviet Jewry

1979: Holocaust

1979: Commitment to Jewish Values

1973: Soviet Jewry

1971: Soviet Jewry

1967: Israel

1963: Jews and Judaism in the Soviet Union

1946: Plight of Displaced Persons

1945: Displaced Persons

1944: Plight of International Jewry

1938: German Jewish Emigres

1938: Gratitude To Oswald Garrison Villard

Advocacy Alerts

2015: Want to Make a Difference in Israel? ARZA in the WZO Elections

2013: Equal Pay, Gene Patenting, Rabbis in Israel

2013: Gun Violence Prevention, Israeli Reform Rabbis

2013: Gene Parenting Case, Women of the Wall Decision

2013: Immigration Reform, Equality at the Kotel

2013: Equality at the Kotel, Religious Freedom in Canada

2012: Sensible Gun Control and Women of the Wall

2012: Fighting Domestic Violence, Deficit Reduction, Canadian MP on Jewish Refugees

2012: Sh'ma Smackdown, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Get Out The Vote

2012: Update from UN Rep, IRAC Op Ed from Anat Hoffman, Fair Minimum Wage

2012: High Holy Days Social Justice Guide, Environmental Standards for Drilling, IRAC Petition

2012: Success in Miri Gold Case, Gender Segregation in Israel Continues

2012: WRJ Speaks Out Against Gender Segregation in Israel

2012: Take Action on Equality for Reform Rabbis in Israel, Experience the WRJ Blog

2012: VAWA Reauthorization Continued, Anat Hoffman Will Appear on Amanpour

2012: Anat Hoffman's Tenth Anniversary at the IRAC, It's a Woman of the Wall Passover

2012: Or Ami Awardees Continued, Disaster Relief

2011: Support the UN Climate Change Conference, WRJ South Africa Leader Wins Prestigious Award

2010: Support the New START Treaty, Restore Emergency Unemployment Insurance, ARZA Statement: Rachel's Tomb and the Western Wall

2010: CEDAW Hearing, Canadian Prime Minister Speaks Out Against Anti-Semitism, Outreach Question

2010: Jobs, Child Nutrition, Fighting Poverty, News from Canada and Israel

2010: Anat Hoffman Interrogated by the Jerusalem Police

2010: WRJ Sisterhoods Stand in Solidarity with Women of the Wall