Reproductive Health & Rights

Two women at abortion access rally


In Judaism, life is sacred. Banning potentially lifesaving medical procedures and interfering with a doctor’s decision-making runs contrary to the Jewish commandment to protect life.

WRJ is a leading advocate for reproductive rights and health and continues to oppose state and federal restrictions that limit access to birth control and safe abortion services.  

WRJ brings Jewish communities together to pursue reproductive health and rights as a collective voice. 
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WRJ’s work—and that of our Districts and local affiliates—recognize that reproductive rights mean more than abortion. Therefore, we are active in many aspects of reproductive rights, including sex education, Plan B access, and period poverty/parity. We also speak out for reproductive rights in Canada, where there are no restrictions on rights, but the economics (health care monies, etc.) are used to severely impact access in some parts of that country.

Repro Shabbat 

WRJ, the RAC, and other Reform Movement institutions are proud to cosponsor NCJW's Repro Shabbat February 9-10 (Parashat Mishpatim), when the Reform Jewish Movement joins with the wider Jewish community to recommit ourselves to reproductive health and rights. WRJ encourages you to incorporate reflection, lessons, and advocacy around abortion access and reproductive freedom in your community's programming during this time

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A Statement from WRJ Past Executive Director Rabbi Marla J. Feldman

“We are outraged that the Supreme Court has stripped women and others who can become pregnant of the fundamental right to make essential health care decisions free of governmental interference. Abortion access is a critical component of reproductive health care.  Pregnant individuals are capable of making ethical decisions based on their own beliefs and medical best interest without government officials imposing their personal religious views on others. As we navigate the catastrophic results of the Court’s decision, we will work to ensure that Congress and state legislatures do everything in their power to protect and improve access to abortion and our fundamental rights. We will not be silent as the Court tries to turn back the clock fifty years.”

Press Releases

A WRJ Statement on the 50th Anniversary of Roe. v. Wade

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade on January 22, 2023, Women of Reform Judaism President Sara Charney and Executive Director Rabbi Marla J. Feldman issued the following statement: In June of 2022, the United States Supreme Court decided in Dobbs v.

Blogs About Abortion Access

The Facts About Abortion

FACT: Life begins at birth. FACT: Until birth, the fetus is part of the mother. FACT: The life and well-being of the mother will always take precedence over the fetus until the point at which the fetus's head fully emerges from the womb, and it becomes a living baby. These are the facts as I believe them to be, based on my faith, tradition, and understanding of Jewish law. While I understand that some people may hold different religious views, they are not binding on me. Until now.

The Intersection of Gender and Reproductive Justice

As a queer, trans Jew committed to reproductive justice, it has been a hard few years. Each time I turn on the news, there is another politician debating my humanity or threatening my rights. With nearly 500+ anti-LGBTQ+ bills proposed or passed and 24 U.S.

The Accidental (Repro) Advocate

Looking back at the first couple of weeks after the decision came down in Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health Organization, I think I processed our new reality by keeping busy. My focus was on providing education, action, and advocacy materials and support for WRJ and my synagogue community. I kept the full pain of the decision at arm's length. But then I heard about the college students who successfully advocated for a Plan B vending machine installed at Boston University, and the idea is going viral. And then I thought about my children, and everything hit home.

For more blog posts about abortion access, reproductive justice, and reproductive rights and health, please visit the WRJ blog and search for any of these terms in the blog search bar. 

Related Issues from Our Partners at the Religious Action Center

Abortion Access

Recently, we have witnessed unprecedented efforts by states throughout the U.S. to severely restrict or ban abortion. While the overall number of anti-abortion bills introduced in U.S. states thus far in 2019 is essentially the same as in 2018, the nature of the recent bills is more harmful and restrictive than anything introduced previously.

Comprehensive Sex Education

Comprehensive sex education includes information about sex, sexuality, relationships, contraception, and condoms. Sex education is directly linked to reproductive justice. Without it, individuals cannot make informed decisions about their bodies, sexual activity, or futures.  

Family Planning & Contraceptives

Access to affordable family planning services is a critical component of our reproductive health and rights advocacy, as access to these services equips individuals with the necessary tools to shape their lives and futures. Family planning can reduce maternal mortality by preventing unwanted pregnancies, protect the health of children by allowing sufficient time between pregnancies, and help stabilize population growth.