Or Ami Programming Awards

Established in 1973, WRJ’s Or Ami “Light of My People” Award for Special Achievement in Programming recognizes exemplary social justice, community service, and educational events that can serve as a model for other WRJ Districts and sisterhoods. Last year marked WRJ Or Ami’s 50th anniversary!

Read all about our 2023 Or Ami Award Winners!

Download our 50th Anniversary brochure

Programs and projects selected as award recipients were recognized at WRJ’s District Conventions held in March and April 2023.

For more information about how to replicate these award-winning programs in your community, please contact WRJ Program Associate Talia Blank at tblank@wrj.org. 

Past Award Winners

The previous award-winning programs are useful resources for WRJ Districts and sisterhoods looking for new program and advocacy ideas as they can be replicated, adapted, or taken in new directions. For more information on specific projects, please contact the WRJ District or sisterhood directly, using the provided link.

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Group photo from Jewtina Fellowship