The increasing attempts of many Third World and non-aligned countries to isolate Israel in the world community through vicious verbal attacks and actions in the United Nations and to denigrate the Camp David Accords.




The State of Israel came into being May 14, 1948, and unfortunately was attacked that same day by Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. This was the first of four Arab-Israeli wars that the young State has fought to protect herself. Geographically the size of New Jersey, with a population of four million of whom 85% are Jews, Israel is the only State in the world in which Judaism is the official religion.


One year after her birth, in May 1949, Israel became a supportive member of the United Nations. As a further background note, it should be recalled that Hebrew tribes were in the land now called Israel from the earliest times. About 1000 B.C.E., they banded together under King Saul in what was then called Canaan. They achieved political unity under King David, who made Jerusalem their capital. His son, Solomon, built the Temple and expanded Jerusalem into the religious as well as cultural capital 961-922 B.C.E. Despite many later conquerors, Jews have lived in the land through all the centuries.


In the 1890s, Theodor Herzl founded Zionism, a movement for the development of the Jewish people through restoration to their ancient homeland for all Jews who desired to settle there.


The Camp David Accords, a major foreign policy effort of President Jimmy Carter, saw the late President Anwar el Sadat and Prime Minister Menachem Begin sign a treaty in Washington, D.C., on March 26, 1979. Thus Egypt, a former enemy state, became the first Arab nation formally to be at peace with Israel.




It is a tragic rejection not only of the aspirations of millions for a world of justice, advancement, and peace but also of the Charter of the United Nations when a member of that organization is singled out to become the frequent victim of vicious, unjust accusations and distortions of fact. The political behavior in the world body is more difficult to understand and even more reprehensible when many of the nations in the so-called Third World and non-aligned group who attack Israel have in fact enjoyed very helpful economic, technological, educational, cultural and other contacts with her.


Therefore, the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods urges its members:


  1. To remain, through consistent study, alert to all aspects of United Nations and world affairs in order quickly to react and to counter actions against Israel;
  2. To seek through their respective governments continuing support for the State of Israel including recognition of Jerusalem as the capital, with full rights and protection for the holy places of all faiths;
  3. To recognize without rancor that there may be legitimate differences of opinion on sensitive issues of Arab-Jewish relations. (The aspirations of both peoples require objective analysis and patient negotiation toward peaceful, enduring solutions.)
  4. To urge their governments to express appreciation to and support of President Hosni Mubarak’s avowed intention, following the death of Anwar el Sadat by assassination, to continue efforts with Israel toward Middle East peace based upon the Camp David Accords;
  5. To express appreciation for those nations which have indicated that they will provide contingents to a peace-keeping observation force in the Sinai following Israel’s final withdrawal in April 1982, with a percentage of the cost being borne by the United States; and to advocate that the operation of any such forces be in agreement with the Camp David Accords.
  6. To salute Israel for its remarkable contributions in many fields, to seek greater just recognition for her from their own governments as well as from the United Nations, and to pray and work for the attainment of peace and progress for her and all humanity.